Here's what some people have had to say...


'Kat teaches a strong class, with lots of modifications'

'Very clear and calming tone of voice. Easy to understand cues, even for beginners'

'Knowledgeable about alignment and injuries, made me feel in good hands'

'High energy when needed, and soothing, calming when needed. I could really tell Kat cared and was right there with me'

'Brings a little story telling, which is lovely'

'I really enjoyed the class, Kat asked about any injuries before starting so she knew about any alterations I needed. I also appreciated her matching instructions with breathing instructions which helped focus me in the practice. Overall I think it was well structured, well run and accessible. '

'I loved it! I thought she was fantastic, told my husband all about her. Big thumbs up from me'

'Kat's instructions were very clear and confident and she cued us into each new asana smoothly. She has a sense of humour which is always good… I have to try to remember not to take it all too seriously!'

'Kat did a fantastic job engaging with such a large class of 32 yogis! I felt very cared for and the instruction was both clear and detailed. I thought the pace and variety was really good. I loved it and will be returning for more Kat classes!' 

'Very versatile teacher, from a slower, themed alignment based flow to fast paced strong power vinyasa, advanced level 2-3 hot vinyasa flows and total chill with yin, restorative yoga and meditation, Kat delivers in her own unique style. One of the best teachers I have practiced with.'

'Absolutely loved the Anusara® class i just did with Kat. She is a natural story teller, and progressed the Hindu myth she told us throughout the poses, whilst focusing on alignment. It was mesmerising and meditative, whilst feeling challenged at the same time. She left us with a message to take off the mat, which really resonated. I have no idea where that 75 mins just went!'

'Having only practiced with Kat in the hot room, I absolutely loved experiencing the very different energy of her restorative class, and seeing another side to her as a teacher. A lovely, restoring practice, beautiful music choice and her soothing voice and caring demeanour made me literally sink away for 90 mins. Kat is continuing to develop and learn as a teacher and incredibly versatile.'

'⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ class and teacher'


Tree amongst trees

Tree amongst trees