Chrystal Alchemy Bowls Sound Healing


Sunday 23 June, 6-7pm &

Sunday 22 September, 6-7pm

Stoke d'Abernon Village Hall, Cobham

I run 'The Sound Sessions' at local to Cobham & Oxshott halls. These sessions are a Chrystal Bowls Healing Sound Bath to help you relax, restore and receive in a safe space. The ultimate self care antidote to too much-ness!

Bring your mat & blanket, lie down, and simply immerse yourself in this hour of bliss (no bathing suits are needed, and there is nothing to do!). Nourishing your body and your soul, and allow yourself to slow down to the healing vibrations of the chrystal infused singing bowls, gently guiding you into deep relaxation and home to inner peace and harmony.  


If you've never done a sound bath before, you are in for a treat, and the best way to explain it, is to experience it!


Please wear cozy, warm clothing and bring your mat, a blanket, and a bolster (or bed pillow) if you need it to support the back of the knees whilst lying down.


I have changed the Sound Sesions from a monthly event to more ad hoc as it's been challenging to fill a monthly, or even an 8 weekly slot consistently.

Keep an eye out for a handful of 'pop up' dates in 2024.

SAVE THE DATE Sunday 23 June 6-7pm in Stoke d'Abernon Village Hall, Cobham

I will open this session for booking mid May